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What to do in Calaguas: Day hike to Small Baguio

When you visit Calaguas, spare P20 pesos and 20 minutes of your time and take a short distance hike to Small Baguio. The view from the top of this interesting hill is awe-inspiring!

There are many ways to have a wonderful time in the islands of Calaguas, including camping waterfront and a day hike to the steep hills of Small Baguio. 

When you think of what to do in Mahabang Buhangin (Long Beach) in Tinaga Island, one of the major islands of Calaguas, your itinerary for the most part might involve marine activities. Obviously, the beautiful stretch of a beach calls for playful time in and along the water. But if you feel a sudden urge to break away from the shore, take a quick, enjoyable, and easy hike to Small Baguio.   

If you look at the Google map, Small Baguio is pinned as Tourist Services Calaguas Island. Located in the heart of Barangay Mangcauayan, it is approximately a 20 minute walk from the Mahabang Buhangin.

How to get to Small Baguio from Mahabang Buhangin (Long Beach)

From the beachfront, walk past the Nipa hut cottages to the direction of rest room and exit from the bamboo fence to your right. And follow the trail to your left. You'll see more Nipa hut cottages. Past this, you'll see an open grass field.

To be honest it is difficult to give direction because the trail has no signs (yet) BUT don't get me wrong, the path is easy to figure out. So, when you follow the trail and get to the end of the short narrow cemented road, turn to your left. Less than a few minute walk you'll see this makeshift bamboo bridge: 

Makeshift bamboo bridge to Small Baguio in Calaguas

Cross this bridge and go to your right. Stay on the trail. You might need to weave through waist-deep grasses. It's all right. A little more walking and you'll see the entrance to Small Baguio.

"Smoll Baguio". Pardon the misspelling!

The P20 entrance fee and a climb uphill

The hike to Small Baguio is quite an easy one, even senior citizens can get there. In fact, there is no fee for the elderly. Yey! For others, P20 fee is collected at the entrance.

I'm guessing this place is called Small Baguio albeit misspelled due to the produce planted on its sloped hillside. Or possibly because "Baguio" is a name we associate to high places and the travel to Baguio entails hours of a drive uphill. I suspect it is the latter!

The view from Small Baguio

After minutes of steep ascent, you'll arrive at the top of the hill. There are  two Nipa hut cottages here, as well as makeshift bamboo benches. You can do picnic or barbecuing as long as you clean up once you are done.

At the top of Small Baguio, you can get an awe-inspiring view of the blue skies, the vast ocean, and the lush entirety of Barangay Mangcauayan. Time seems to slow down here.

Day hike tips

1. If you plan to go to Small Baguio right after lunch, make sure you bring a hat or umbrella to protect your skin from the sun. Sunscreen is not enough as the sun rays could get excruciating. In my case, I used my Muji hat and sarong to cover my skin.

2. Bring water and some snack to binge on. I suggest fruit slices!

3. Do not wear trainers unless you're all prepared to get them soaked in mud. My blogger friends use Sandugo sandals and I think this type of footwear is best. I used Havaianas flipflops I bought in Capalonga market for P50 haha They are imitation Havaianas for sure!

4. Take loads of photos and when you're done, take a moment to breathe in the positive energy brought by the beauty surrounding you!

Parting Words

When you visit Calaguas, spare P20 pesos and 20 minutes of your time to take a short distance hike to Small Baguio. The walk from the beachfront through the open field trail and the view from the hilltop are equally awe-inspiring!

Thank you for reading this article. Have you ever been to Calaguas? What was your itinerary? Would you like to take a day hike to Small Baguio? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! If you find this article useful, please do share!





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The Girl with the Muji Hat: What to do in Calaguas: Day hike to Small Baguio
What to do in Calaguas: Day hike to Small Baguio
When you visit Calaguas, spare P20 pesos and 20 minutes of your time and take a short distance hike to Small Baguio. The view from the top of this interesting hill is awe-inspiring!
The Girl with the Muji Hat
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