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A Drink at Bank Bar in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Are you in search of a top-shelf drinking spot in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig? Check out Bank Bar at 25th and 26th Street. Bank Bar has an impressive drinks list that includes inventive cocktails and the widest selection of any bar in Manila.

I would love to say that these past few weeks of fortuitous sips of cocktail concoctions had always been about celebration—the gaiety of making new friends, of surviving the most stressful days, of partaking in a ball, and of reaching new heights in the more important aspect of adult life.   

While to me it is all about celebrating, some people drink liquor because they feel well enough to do it. For the most part, they drink to socialize and unwind. And I get it, some people just need that kick to open up and be more social. In my case, I could get drawn to "drinking" in these dim-lit spaces because of the ambiance—chill music, smoke-free, romantic yet cozy.

If you are into fine dining and sophisticated social dancing, check out Buddha Bar in Makati City. But if you just wanna chill and enjoy booze at a classy drink lounge, head to the Bank Bar at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

The entryway to the bar is a quest

Maybe I haven't been to a lot of pubs or bars so I'm saying this. The entrance to Bank Bar is unlike that I picture on my mind. I don't know if it is supposed to be hidden but it's tricky to find if you don't know the place.

Google map would lead you to RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center where no Bank Bar sign is visible. You have to go to 7 Eleven convenience store, turn left as soon as you enter into the glass door. There is a thick exit door which apparently is the entrance to the bar. There's usually a guy standing by the door. He'll collect any drink or food you have prior to entering.

The door appears to be the stockroom door which leads to the main entrance to the bar. The stockroom itself has a potential to cause sudden apprehension because of the red light filter except that it is a rather small space and goods like Jufran and Yan-Yan are all over...

A few steps later, my friend Tim Tam pulls aside the heavy curtain to reveal the "top-shelf drinking den".

Inside Bank Bar

I am impressed by the smell. I thought bars would smell anything but fresh. If my olfactory sense remembers correctly, the smell of the place has a hint of bergamot. Or is it Tim Tam? No. Probably not!

The velvet sofa and candles on the marble table make the place attractive and intimate. I couldn't perfectly scan the entire place but what I saw is enough to conclude it's a gorgeous place to hang out.

photo credit to Bank Bar IG account
It is worth noting that the tables easily get occupied. Most of them are reserved so better book ahead to secure a good seat.

Due Diligence

Ideally, every human being needs to exercise due diligence. In Bank Bar though, I am not sure if Due Diligence is gender-specific but two things I am certain of: (a) It is not for me (b) Tim Tam craves for it hence our Bank Bar visit.

Due Diligence Bank Bar BGC

Apparently, Due Diligence is among the strongest drink in their menu. It is a whiskey. Tim asked me to try a small sip and I kind of did. The smell is strong. I felt the alcohol evaporate into my system by just bringing the glass near my mouth. So I used a straw. It was not best way to try a whiskey by the way.

Whiskey and other decent liquor are acquired taste for Tim Tam, that, I haven't acquired yet.

The Queen of them all

I must commend the bar staff who attended us that night for recommending an ultimately refreshing drink from Bank Bar menu—the Queen's Park Swizzle. Tim wanted something fruity for me but I didn't mind a minty drink.

I say this swizzle is the queen of them all because it's the only one I have tried. LOL But to be fair, Tim also liked the taste. It has grapefruit, lime, mint, rum, and muscovado syrup but it is not too sweet nor bitter. It has a nice tart flavor but not sour. I could still taste the freshness of it in my mouth by looking at the photo below.

Queen's Park Swizzle

Frequenting Bank Bar

The reason for me to come back here and hang out would be the ambiance. But for booze lovers, I'm seeing it's the wide selection of drinks in the menu—"from akvavit to absinthe, sake to single malts, grappas to gin and an extensive choice of vermouths, tonics, sodas and such," from momentgroup.ph

"Bank Bar has an impressive drinks list that includes inventive cocktails and the widest selection of any bar in Manila—from akvavit to absinthe, sake to single malts, grappas to gin and an extensive choice of vermouths, tonics, sodas and such.

Online reviews also mention that food at Bank Bar don't disappoint. A bit pricey, but netizens attest to the goodness of their Chicharon Bulaklak. If you are an expat and you don't feel like trying this Filipino delicacy in the streets, might as well order at Bank Bar.

Other food choices: pasta, cold cuts and cheese, pizza, burger sliders, steak tartare, deep-fried chicken skin, fried calamari, truffle fries, deep-fried mantou, bone marrow and wagyu beef diy-tacos, etc...

You can also enjoy Bank Bar's Charcuterie & Formaggio Board (Photo by Bank Bar Manila)
dainty pizzette with a pile of spicy sausage and bubbling cheese (Photo by Bank Bar Manila)
THE bar

Bank Bar Favorites

Smoked Amaretto Flip (photo from Bank bar Manila)
Otis Florence's The Penicillin (Photo by Bank Bar Manila)
 Wonka Martini: a single crème de cacao salted Belgian chocolate in wheat and rye vodka (Photo by Bank Bar Manila)
Pinay Colada: three kinds of local rum, mango Tang, chocolate mole bitters, grapefruit, citrus-honey meringue, and rose petal dust to finish (Photo by Bank Bar Manila)
Earl Grey Martini: with honey and lavender syrups, with egg white and lemon juice (Photo by Bank Bar Manila)
Mariang Bastos: a mix of two Dons (Don Papa, and Don Papa 10) (Photo by Bank Bar Manila)
Truffled Whiskey Sour mixes triple-distilled Irish whiskey, fresh lemon, egg foam, and white truffle oil

Price Range

The cost of alcoholic drinks start from Php350 per glass. The cheapest drink you can get is coffee at Php110 plus VAT and service charge. If you are dining and drinking here, a budget of Php2000 for two people would suffice. If you are like me and Tim Tam who went here for one drink, Php1000.00 is enough.

The first photo is owned by Bank Bar Manila 

Visit Bank Bar BGC

Bank Bar is located at Ground Floor, RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center, 26th and 25th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Contact Numbers:
02 8014862
+63 9178570852

Opening hours:
Mondays to Saturdays: 5 PM to 3 AM
Sundays: CLOSED

You can book a table here. 

Have you been to Bank Bar in BGC? What do you think about the place? Would you like to try any drink here? Let me know your thoughts below. Thank you for your time! 



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The Girl with the Muji Hat: A Drink at Bank Bar in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
A Drink at Bank Bar in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Are you in search of a top-shelf drinking spot in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig? Check out Bank Bar at 25th and 26th Street. Bank Bar has an impressive drinks list that includes inventive cocktails and the widest selection of any bar in Manila.
The Girl with the Muji Hat
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