Grants US Passport Holders Free Short-term Visa and Lower Stamping Fee

The September 1, 2016 Vietnam visa policy requiring all US Passport holders to obtain a 1-year multiple entry visa for their trip to Vietnam, regardless of their length of stay in the country encountered a lot of complaints from US travelers. US Passport holders who wished to stay in Vietnam even for a few days must pay a large amount of money for their visa.

Free Short-term Visa and Lower Stamping Fee

With this, is happy to announce that US passport holders who have obtained the visa approval letter for 1-year multiple entry visa with but wish to stay in Vietnam for a shorter term can get a short-term visa approval letter processed by the Vietnam Immigration Department for FREE and then get visa stamp at Vietnam airport at a lower stamping fee.

For details, please check out this link.

Online Application for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

If you are a US Passport holder and you wish to visit Vietnam soon get your visa processed by

With over 10 years experience, is the 1st and premier commercial website providing online application for Vietnam Visa on Arrival. The cost of applying visa on arrival with might be higher or lower than applying at Vietnam Embassies as the prices at the embassies vary from one to another. In case you wish to obtain a full-stamped visa before travelling, you are advised to contact the nearest Vietnamese Embassy in your country. In website, they provide full information regarding your needs to obtain a Vietnam Visa.

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