6 Things You Need to Know If You Are Travelling to Australia For Work

Lovely smile of a Cafe worker [Photo credit to Michelle Robinson]

Australia is a beautiful place with plenty to do and see. With the ease of getting work visas and the potential to earn a decent wage, it’s also a great place to work while you’re travelling – especially if you’re setting off on a long stint. We couldn’t recommend planning an extended stay in the country to live and work more. 

If you are travelling to Australia for work, here are six things you need to know:

1. You need a work visa

Australia offers great working holiday visas for those aged 18-31. Although they’re quite expensive, it’s a necessity and can allow you to work and travel around the country for up to years. You can find more details here. It’s easy to apply for and you’ll find most processes in the country pretty streamlined compared to elsewhere.

2. You’ve got to be ready to work hard  

Around the world, Australians are valued for their willingness to work hard – which means if you want to succeed in the country, you’ve also got to put the effort in. As the Secret Traveller says, Australians will always be in demand for work so you’ve got to compete well. You can expect to be paid between $15 – $24 AUD though.

3. The experience gained means more than you think

Once upon a time, travelling the world – even if you were working – didn’t look great on your CV. Nowadays, employers realize the value of such experiences so you don’t need to worry. If you can fill the time you spend travelling with periods of work, you’re demonstrating your ability to manage your time and finances, whilst gaining a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4. You’ll meet life-long friends

It’s common to enjoy a few drinks after work with your colleagues. This isn’t restricted to Fridays either – you could go everyday if you wanted. In fact, it’s quite important to socialize out-of-hours with the people you work alongside. In no time, they’ll be your best friends!

Surfer in Australian Beach [Photo Credit to Nicolas Risch Photography]

5. Swearing is commonplace

A lot of people find it surprising how often people swear in the Australian workplace. But it’s just no big deal. Swearing is used to express frustration, to exaggerate or for humor – it isn’t meant to cause offence. By no means is it compulsory though, so feel free to bite your tongue, For more things you might find surprising in the workplace, check out this post from The Business Insider.

6. You’ll also have tons of fun

Home to great beaches, 550 national parks, vast outback and thriving cities, there’s so much to do in Australia – and by working, you’ll have the funds to enjoy it all. You could go skiing on Mt Butler, visit tropical forests such as Daintree National park or surf pretty much anywhere – the options are endless. After all, you’re only working in order to experience all the great country has to offer.

Wattamolla Beach, National Park, NSW,  Australia [Photo Credit to Richard Rydge]

Have you worked in Australia? How was your experience? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below! Have a great day! 

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