Café Lupe Bed & Breakfast in Antipolo

From Tacos and Quesadillas to Crispy Pata and Kare-Kare, CaféLupe serves up the finest Filipino – Mexican gastronomy in Sumulong Hi-way, Antipolo. Nestled in the elevated lush uplands of Mambugan district, this property guarantees guests of its delectable fusion of foods, scenic view from its open deck and festive atmosphere all over the place.

Whether you are celebrating an event, lounging in for a foodtrip, staying over to relax and have a good view of the Metro at near dusk, Café Lupe is a recommended spot for you.

Café Lupe Hostel and Resto has been operating for almost a decade now and yet never ceases to improve its facilities to the enjoyment of its guests. Recently, it opened the Elorde Boxing Gym in its premise. Travelers here can engage in an interesting fitness activity that is boxing. Read moreabout Elorde Boxing Gym at Café Lupe here.

 Hotel Amenities

Game room, LCD Cable TV, Boxing Gym, Bar


Family KTV, Rooftop Lounge, Live Band

What I like about the place

I definitely enjoyed the food prepared by Chef Albright Carranza as well as the sunset view from the roof deck. I love that the hotel and restaurant staff are attentive to our needs and never fail to keep an ambiance of hospitality. The KTV experience was a pleasure! For that, I think it deserves another article!

Another thing I like about Café Lupe is its total package that works well with adults and children. Even though there were many guests drinking alcohol, I didn’t find the place limited for boozing. The youngsters enjoyed themselves as much, especially when the live band started playing pops or when the Quesadillas arrived.

In spite of the countless opportunities, Café Lupe is moderately priced. It is suitable for value-conscious travelers like me. I highly recommend this for your next humble staycation!

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Cafe Lupe Hostel & Resto Lot 2-B & C,
Brgy. Mambugan, Sumulong Highway,
Antipolo City, Philippines 1870

Contact Numbers:
+632 4703201

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