A Fancy Travel Companion Reaches the Philippine Market Today

Here is a fancy gadget to make your sound tripping on the road celestial, CHORD MOJO!

The internationally renowned maker of high-end audio equipment such as Hugo TT and 2QUTE, Chord Electronics Ltd, unveils its latest DAC (digital to analog converter)/ Headphone Amp Mojo in the Philippines today.

Mo – Jo. The name reminds me of many things unrelated to sound. Monkey? Potatoes? My friend’s email? Ah. Okay but one related to music – Mojofly – a pop rock band in the Philippines. 

Why name the DAC (What is a DAC?) device Mojo?

Mojo is a contraction for mobile joy. This device brings joy by amplifying the sound in your headphones (for your smartphone or other compatible device) wherever you go and definitely makes you love your phone’s music. For we know we love our smartphones as much as we hate listening to the music in it especially on loud speakers.

Product Launch

The Chord Mojo is released in Europe this October and is brought from London straight to Manila this month. We were fortunate to try it for ourselves here in BGC Taguig.

The launch was kicked off with the introduction of Chord Electronics profile and products.

Chord Chief Executive and Senior Designer John Franks talked a bit about Mojo’s history, discussed its design and features, and demonstrated how it’s operated. 

The event was highlighted by the product testing by the technologically bent and side discussions with Mr. Franks together with the JBL product management team.

Unboxing the Chord Mojo

At £399 (~PHP 30, 990) you can have these from the little white box*:
  • Mojo
  • USB Cable for Charging
  • User Manual

*You can make use of the box as sample frequency light indicator scale. You might want to keep the box with you.


Mojo is an abbreviation itself for the technology it holds underneath. As Chord Chief Executive John Franks puts it, Mojo’s core is like the cityscape of London or any developed country laid before your eyes. 

It may be wrapped in an 82L x 60W x 22H (mm) small aluminum block adorned with illuminating adjust ball buttons, but the depth of how its designed to give outstanding performance is rather complex and consequently, what matters.

Product Testing

Mojo devices and headphones are set up on each table.

We were eager to try the device. I was utterly curious about the sound difference.

At first trial, I plugged the ‘on the go’ cable into my Android device and connected it to the Mojo. I played Children from Justin Bieber’s Purpose: Movement album but the sound just played on speaker. The Mojo didn’t seem to work on my Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone.The JBL product manager helped me and gave me a different cable but still it didn’t work. My excitement immediately sunk to bottom.

What went wrong?

Actually nothing’s off beam with the Mojo or my smartphone, it’s THE music player!
A must note – YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD a USB audio player to enable USB audio support. In my case I downloaded the free music player Hiby Music. You can also try the paid USB Audio Player Pro or Onkyo HF Player for premium services.

I found the Mojo device to be user-friendly—just plug the cable, connect and press ball buttons to play—no need to be trained or adept in sound engineering to operate. It is also smart as it has light indicators in its ball buttons. The ball buttons illuminate different colors as user adjusts volume and also to indicate digital signal connection as well as the sound frequency of the music being played. You can actually tell the rate of your file from a red color of 44 kHz up to the white color of DSD signals.

Listening to Justin Bieber’s song with Mojo in my smartphone literally took me into a different world. I didn’t want to stop listening. The sound was clearer. No hiss or noise in the background that I usually hear when using my earbuds. The volume was incredibly upped. No wonder because the Mojo addresses sound problems 2048 times than an average DAC device (that addresses sound issues just up to 8 times). It is a downright slay and I believe it’s what makes the Chord Electronics confident about the price tag they put into this device.

I also tried another sound player. It had a terrible track with lots of noises, very small sound even at maximum volume. But with Mojo it was ultimately transformed.Mr. John Franks was right about saying the Mojo will‘wow’ the users. I literally said to myself, WOW! You know when you max your volume and you get broken sound with lots of noises, uhm, bad audio for the lack of better terms? With Mojo this ain’t a problem. The sound is amplified into a recording studio level.

We feel for the media people who constantly battle with bad audio outputs from an interview, they tend to dwell in the stress of it. But with Mojo, again, we’ll say,there is hope!For audiophiles and home audio veterans, we assure you sound can still be improved with Mojo.

Audio quality at its finest
Ease of use
Ease of storage and maintenance
Long battery life

Cost is not cheap
Long hours of battery charging
Needs paid App like Onkyo Music Player for iDevice to play FLAC files

What We Think

We think Mojo is the ultimate DAC device / headphone amplifier and the best there’s ever been.

Mojo for Music Lovers

Mojo is undoubtedly for the audiophiles—the music lovers who commute for hours and depend on music to relax or finish a task or stay motivated. It is also for travelers who seek the highest audio quality while on the road. It is highly recommended for people who earn a living through music editing or music related endeavors. It is recommended for everyone who listens to music and wants to fall in love with it.

How to buy

You can buy the Mojo device from JBLstores and other distributors. Send us a message to avail of the 20% discount if you buy them until the end of this month.

Parting Words

As an old adage says to see is to believe, we say to hear is also to believe. You can visit JBL galleries and try the Mojo device for yourself. It won’t disappoint. 

What do you think about the Mojo? Do you use/know/ recommend other DAC devices? Are you a music lover? Would you like to buy this device? Let us know your thoughts down the comment section below! Thank you for your time!

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