REVIEW: King Boutique Hotel

After our stay at the Bellevue Hotel, it’s time to leave again for another foreign adventure. And since we’ll be staying in Cambodia, I'm quite confident we won't splurge on the room cost. 

Most accommodations in Siem Reap range from 10-25 USD per night. [RELATED: You can book value hotels here] But it's a little tricky to choose which room's best as these hotels are situated close to each other. In this case, the ones with best reviews win. That being said, we chose King Boutique Hotel even though it has not the best reviews. We booked a spacious deluxe room for 21 USD a night. Did it disappoint?

Discussing our ultimate plan for the day's itinerary

The Room

We stayed in one of the Deluxe Rooms that’s spacious and comfortable for at most five people. The room has (noiseless) air-conditioning, 80 channel satellite flat screen TV, free WIFI, mini bar, clean bathroom with hot shower, slippers, towels, toiletries, electric water kettle—basic amenities we could possibly ask for.

our cozy room

After walking into the room, Hiropi’s first response was “I wasn’t expecting this at all”. I guess it’s the same reaction for me and my other friends. I mean, we stayed in a Pension House in Cebu for the same price and the room doesn’t even come close.

Our room is on the second floor and the area is quiet. Car noises may be audible, but nothing we couldn't sleep through. Plenty of natural light comes through the window, but no view because of the fence. You have to go to the balcony if you hope to see the sunrise or to have a view of the the town.



I wasn’t really paying attention to the map unlike my travel friends, so lately had I realized the location of this hotel is good! Everything is walking distance. 

King Boutique Hotel is a stone’s throw from major sightseeing attractions like the Night Markets, famous Pub Street and the National Museum. It is a short walk to ATM, Banks, convenience store, and other commercial stations. Just outside the hotel, diners sat juxtaposed along the side of the street. These small eateries we call “karinderya” in tagalog serve foods that are not only cheap but delectable as well.

I found 7D dried mangoes here hehe
We walked to the National Museum!

The hotel location is 15 minutes from Siem Reap International Airport. Guests can avail of the FREE transfer, just need to coordinate with the hotel staff. In our case, I sent an email through their website and informed them about the date and time of our arrival. It’s really convenient since we arrived late night.

In the morning...

The Breakfast

I can only talk about breakfast because they don’t have in-room dining service. They serve American and Asian breakfast PERHAPS from 2 AM till 12 NN LOL I am serious though and I can't help but have a good laugh when I think about it. This hotel is overly generous when it comes to food. I don’t know if this has to do with their religion but they are very concerned whether guests are able to take their breakfast or not...

So far, all hotels I had stayed in didn’t have much concern about my morning meal, but in King Boutique Hotel the staff prepared breakfast to-go for everyone leaving before sunrise. Yes, including bottles of drinking water. 

Celebrating shezka's birthday by the pool

The Staff

The hotel staff can converse in English well. They are also polite and easy to talk to. They attended to our seemingly endless requests including knife and wine glasses to celebrate my friend’s birthday by the pool. They were kind enough to greet us with a smile, help with our luggage, assist with the laundry and trivial requests such as turning the fan on or the electric water kettle or charging our gadgets while we were busy swimming.

I and Hiropi just trying to be some sort of water weirdos

The Verdict

King Boutique Hotel didn't disappoint. In fact, I'm eager to stay here again in case I find myself in Siem Reap some time in the future... 

The point of workcation sounds fitting here. I was able to carry out all my work duties, thanks to their high-speed wireless internet. In addition, airport pick-up and drop off, charging outlets, hot shower, hearty breakfast and a relaxing pool are most valued amenities for a working traveler like me—and King Boutique Hotel has all that (and more) FOR an affordable fee! 

So I'm saying I’ll definitely go back!

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King BoutiqueHotel may seem like another budget hotel but I’d bet after your stay, you’d agree, you got more than what you paid for!

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  1. Awesome hotel! It's cheap but the service is better than other expensive hotels. :)

  2. hello chesca the critique!!! yeah!!! you experienced it first hand!!!!! :)

  3. definitely gonna go here once i visit cambodia :)

  4. Glad to hear that! D ka magaisisi