Grace Island Getaway + SHERRY LONDON Designer Dresses

My November couldn’t get more exciting. I am scheduled to be a bridesmaid at a family friend’s wedding in an Island I’ve been wanting to visit for, what, almost 4 years now! Ah! I am ecstatic! Though I must say being a bridesmaid is challenging—given the tasks and the purchases to make.

I’ve been attending weddings since college days and it seems from 2012 I’ve been in the scene at least once in a year. Last November I was a photographer at my BFF’s wedding. This May, my sister tied the knot and chose me to be her Maid of Honor… It’s my third time to be a Maid of Honor though I think I pretty much suck being one.

Dancing in my blue MOH gown

My friend’s upcoming wedding will be in Grace Island at SanJose, Mindoro. It’s less than an hour flight from NAIA. Many in my family got an invitation including Ethan and I think my friend has been very smart about it. I mean, who would decline when it is in the Grace Island?

I want to dine in one of these floating Nipa Huts at GRACE ISLAND RESORT

I’m still looking for a perfect Bridesmaid gown. But I am not fretting a bit because I have my online arsenal—At Sherry London, the most elegant, fashionable gowns are just a click away!

No doubt I like dresses especially that of Sherry London. Aside from the vastness of dress designs (that each individual can find something best for her taste), the lining and boning of each dress is structured carefully to flatter one's own figure. The fabric is elegant and comes in different palette and styles. Custom made dresses are indeed like precious gems in this company. Look at them. Aren’t they just so perfect?

The dress I’d love to wear would be the A-line green sweetheart gown below. The chiffon fabric is so elegant and the green palette is just right for my skin tone. I’m lucky because they are on their Summer Sale these days. The £200+ dresses are now only £65! The cost serves me well! If I order this one, it will be just in time for the November wedding! JUST. EXCITING.

Now I can tick my bridesmaid gown off my preparation list. Next would be about my Hair and Make-up. I guess I’ll just consult my Make-up artist friend about it.  And, yeah I will post about the wedding and dedicate an entry about the island itself~ HEHE After all, I am a travel blogger!

Do you have some getaways in November? Or any upcoming ones? I'd love to hear about it and also I'd love to know your thoughts about the green dress I picked! Thanks! Love love!!!

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  1. Wow! the dresses are stunning! Hope I could wear something like that on your wedding day. Lol! :)

    please check out my blog site for reviews:

  2. thanks :) they are on sale!!!!!!! :)

  3. timeless dresses!! <3 <3 <3 thanks for sharing this post.