Photo Walk at Utsubo Park

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Earlier today I went to the park and snapped some shots... I saw a lot of things that I found really interesting especially the flowers called "Erika" and a very tall dog.

So this is the dog I am talking about... It is so tall!!! I found out on Google that it is a Borzoi, a Russian breed of sighthound. It is also called Russian wolfhound. It looks like a greyhound but with longer hair thus sometimes referred to as long-haired greyhound. 

I noticed that this Borzoi is tamed and quiet. But I found that Borzois are actually very athletic dogs they often joined to dog racing events. I wonder if this Borzoi has joined such competitions...

COMMERCIAL: I am just explaining here how to survive without tripod hehe
I succeeded with a groupie (yeah I am with the lovely Erika flowers)
ERIKA FLOWERS hehehe I wonder if they have special (medicinal) use or something..
twirls... these trees make me want to have vanilla ice cream twirl in a sweet cone
I forgot the name of this flower... it is ubiquitous in JP parks... Let me google... So this is Camilla!
I am happy to see these vibrant colors in winter... I think the monotony of the withered trees in the other side of this park could drain some of my energy~  
An interesting passage~
Reading a book here is perfect... minus the black crows @_@
Some more flowers
No actual people here
Make a wish!!!!
There! Hope you enjoyed the photos! 

Hmmm... I wonder what you usually see when you walk in the park, especially in an early morning... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Wow what a lovely park!! the parks where i live arent that pretty and btw the dog is huge! haha

  2. I hope you enjoy yourself :) xx

  3. hello junjie :) yes i am still active and i try to reply asap .. sorry for the delay. how may i help u????

  4. thank you kizzy it is so cold here.. my forst winter experience :)

  5. indeed.. japan is really a very good place :)

  6. Hi miss Erica, thank you for the reply. I just want to ask if the TRO is still lifted this year? I am supposed to go to JP this April for training and I'm afraid if I could secure a passport without getting clearance from DOST.
    Is there any instances where your passport application will be denied due to DOST?

  7. hello junjie :)

    1. TRO is still lifted :) I'm here in JP now :) I came herE feb 1
    2. If you apply for your passport pls use valid ids other than NBI clearance. Perhaps you can use SSS Or other govt ids :)
    3. No need to apply for DOST clearance for your passport application :)


  8. Thank you so much miss Erica. Yokatta ne!
    I really owe you one. I was about to visit DOST head office on Monday but I was afraid that inquiring to them might trigger some sort of record conflict. Thank you for the advise. I will just cancel my schedule for DOST on Monday and will process my passport application next week instead.

    Again thank you so much!
    Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!

  9. Thank you for the info you've shared. It is of great help to me. Thank you very much.

  10. no worries :) always glad to have helped :)

    good job on not inquiring, if u try to call to them, they will ask u to secure clearance even if u tell them about the tro, they will insist it's the sop.. this is wat happened to me way back in 2012... they told me it's sop and that i needed to secure a clearance but at the airport the BI detained me and asked me a lot of questions when i showed them the clearance... their point was WHY did i secure clearance wen in fact travel ban's lifted..

    anyways... pls message us after u get ur passport :)
    God bless! Happy Valentines Day!

  11. Thank you again miss Erica. God Bless as well.

    Oh I forgot my schedule at DFA is on Feb. 25. My mistake, I thought it would be this week. :) Anyhow I'll update you afterwards.

  12. Hello miss Erica and to all reader's here:

    Thanks God! I haven't had any issues with passport processing. I didn't submit my NBI clearance at DFA. I just presented my NSO BC and couple of ID's. The validator only asked for my voter's ID and didn't mind to check my other ID's. I strongly suggest that if you have a voter's ID, you should bring and present it to them.

    That's all for now. I'll update this thread again once I got my passport and/or if there's any conflict, etc. :)

  13. thanks for the update junjie :) glad to hear u wer able to successfully process ur passport :) more good lucks for everyone who's traveling :)

  14. Hi Miss Erica. I will be going to Korea this coming June. Just want to make it clear, can I go directly to DFA and apply for my passport? I've read from several sites that applying for dost clearance was very tedious. Don't want to experience. >.<
    If I will go directly to DFA and I do not have voter's id, do you think PRC ID will be as good as voter's? Thank you!

  15. yes jen you can do that and prc id is already a good valid id :)

  16. Hello,

    I already got my passport last week. So far no issues with DFA passport processing. They didn't even call me for any verification. Just never submit NBI clearance when you apply for passport. Also bring all valid ID's you have and have it photocopied before you go to your appointed schedule at DFA.

    Thank you so much for the advice.

  17. Good for you juniie! Congratulations!!!! And thanks so much for updating! Very helpful!!!

  18. junjie hello :) so it's up again sorry if it took a little while :)

  19. Hello, I'm already here at JP since 12th. I didn't encounter any problem with BI at NAIA. I just haven't shown them my travel clearance from DOST. And one tip, never appear nervous and answer their questions normally. :)

    Good Luck to those who want to travel next.

    Thank you again miss Erica for this blog. It helped me a lot.

    Yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu.