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DAMI IM Obsession!

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It's been almost a year now since the time I published my DAMI post [perhaps as one of her armies] - - you can scroll down below to find Dami Im's X-Factor 2013 Journey...

Beautiful Dami!
Photo credit to SMH Au
These days I've been listening to her SUPERLOVE acoustic performance on VEVO. Her voice is the pitchy kind that I'd love to listen to over and over and over and over again... I don't know. Her voice is so clean and mellow and strong at the same time... and really high and angelic and sweet and clear.. crystal clear! Ugh! I think on the average I listen to her Superlove -- wait... I'm counting and now I just realized  I couldn't count the times I listened to her songs -- One thing I'm sure, I listen to her all day long!

Dami really got the X-Factor!!!!

Dami's been really busy traveling to and fro between Brisbane and some Asean countries. I watched her appearances in Korea and my heart melted when she dedicated a song to his husband Noah... the thing is before her song, Noah confessed on an interview his gratitude for Dami's love... he said he was so happy that Dami loved him and stood by him even when he needed to work as a part-time Janitor. He added that Dami has always been proud of him. Awwwww!!! Sweet Dami Dami!!!


I strongly believe Dami is a very kind person and she's actually reaping her good Karma from her 25 years of existence... hehe Honestly I am so sleepy it's almost 2 AM... *yawns*

By the way, the 12 X-Factor 2014 contestants to perform in the lives are revealed... What do you think? I'm rooting for Trill and Reigan Derry though...


I’ve been wanting to blog about DAMI IM for two weeks now [sometimes I get confused when I read Dami’s surname from articles, my mind would automatically read it as I’m]. If you follow X Factor, and other reality talent shows on YOUTUBE like me, you’ve probably come across 2013 X Factor Australia’s singing sweetheart *BREATHE* Dami Im [OOPS! There goes the I’m again!].

Photo credit to X Factor Australia 2013

Dami Im was born in South Korea. She migrated to Brisbane with her family [her mom and younger brother Kenny] when she was 9. In an interview, she mentioned that it was a struggle growing and studying in Australia. When she was in her primary school, children teased her terribly because she couldn’t speak English. But music helped her overcome other people’s prejudice. Her exceptional talent in playing the piano has struck people around her and stopped them from looking down at her.

Dami started playing the piano at 5. She attended high school at John Paul College, where her former instructor referred to her as “high-achieving music student who concentrated on piano and violin”. She received many awards including the college's Captain's Cup prize for "the finest all-round cultural person". In college, she went to the University of Queensland and eventually graduated with first class honors in music.


When I started to watch her audition (see video below), I expected nothing. The video edit seemed to be [a bit] satirical. I mean they used a perky music bed and focused on Dami’s cat-printed stockings! I couldn’t take it seriously, not to mention Dami’s mirthful answer to Ronan when asked about her musical career. She said chuckling, she started singing RECENTLY [LOL] and that people can expect AWESOME SINGING from her. So who’d have believed???

But then she sang Hero by Mariah Carey. Everybody stood up to his feet and screamed in excitement. I was as entertained and blown away as the people there. I guess our prejudice on Dami’s musicality had left us flabbergasted!!!  Ha!

24 year old Dami said she'll try her best so people would like her singing 
and if they don't she still have her husband :) I think it's sweet... 
speaking of her husband, Noah, he is so supportive of her... 
He said he is Dami's no. 1 fan! Awww!

My obsession with Dami doesn’t end there. In fact, it’s just started. Dami continued to Bootcamp but unfortunately messed her performance (see video below). She forgot the lyrics while singing and playing JOLENE. To cut the long story short SHE DIDN’T MAKE IT to the top 24.

BUT as what Dani Minogue had put it, luck was on Dami’s side. She was chosen to join the top 23 and continued to the HOME VISIT after one contestant decided to leave the competition. She went to New York to meet the Minogue sisters. In her home visit she sang IF I WERE A BOY by Beyonce (SEE VIDEO BELOW) and gave a killer performance. So, she made it to the LIVE SHOW!


On the first week here’s what she did:

Dami has never heard of U2's One... I was blown away by this performance! She nailed it!

Result: Standing ovation from the four judges.

On the second week she sang PURPLE RAIN by PRINCE (see video below):

What did just happen?!! She gave another powerhouse vocal performance!

On the third week of the live shows here's what she did!!!

Don't leave me this way Performance by Dami Im

Dami sings ROAR by Katy Perry


This is so touching...

Dami Im's CLARITY!!!

FYI Dami has received 7 consecutive standing Os from the judges now! And it's justifiable! That's why people (including me) go “DAMI NUTS” !!!

Week 8 performance!!!!
Dami is the voice!

Week 9 1 of 2 :)
A perfect vocal performance! :) Dami just sings with full passion! Love this!

Her voice is so clear!!!! :) 
I love Dami!!!!

WEEK 10! Here's what the judges chose for Dami!

Here is Dami's Grand PERFORMANCE!!!! SO ALIVE!!!

I'm definitely LOVING HER! 
GO DAMI!!!!!

DAMI WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Would you believe I sent Dami a message asking about her attire? I did. I happen to like what she wears. Perhaps because she’s Korean??? 
Rummaged some photos from her FB page!!!! :)
I admire Koreans [and people] who can easily throw a laid-back outfit… I think it’s so neat and real and comfortably beautiful… speaking of which, I want to push this laid-back style in the next few days and since I’m so busy, I tried to browse from ZALORA some Dami inspired outfits. So here are what I found and what I actually plan to order:
Chiffon top and printed skirt.. what do you think?
(Photo credit to Zalora.com.ph)
Great news is that Zalora offers 250 discount voucher when buyers subscribe to their newsletter [lucky me, lucky you!] …and FREE SHIPMENT!!! Yep! Perks of shopping from ZALORA! I can get gorgeous clothes at discounted price without having to exhaust my feet inside the mall! So convenient!


Dami is a proud born-again Christian! She is a baptized, regular worshiper at Brisbane Full Gospel Church, a part of the Assemblies of God community. She sings contemporary gospel music and boldly professes her faith! She is inspirational! (see videos below)... When she sings, I can feel in my heart the message of the song because she sings it with conviction...

Dami does a cover of River by Emelie Sande... This left me in tears... God will always be by our side... we just need to recognize His presence...

Dami sings Amazing Grace

Photo credit to Brisbane Times
The photo above shows Dami Im's pastor at the Brisbane Full Gospel Church, Pastor Joseph Hong, holding Dami's recorded album in 2010. This CD, consisting of gospel tracks including Dami's original composition Little John, was recorded to raise fund for Brisbane Full Gospel Church endeavors. Pastor Hong believes that the secret behind Dami Im's angelic voice and the power behind her singing career success is the Holy Spirit. 

Dami's husband, Noah, is also a member of Brisbane Full Gospel Church.They actually met at that place after Noah finished his military service in Korea and migrated to Australia.


I think Dami got the X Factor show at the moment. If she continues to belt out songs chosen for her by Danii, no doubt she'll be pronounced this year's grand winner. Week after week she comes off better. The reason I see is that she is becoming comfortable performing in a huge crowd. I hope her confidence remains solid and continue to do what she does best...

Even if Dami Im loses X Factor, I think she’s already proven how great of a musician she really is. I just hope she’d create contemporary Christian music to share to the world. And I hope she continues to enthuse other people with her story, her X Factor experience, and most of all with her faith and spirituality.

DEAR DAMI, If you read this, I want to say, thank you for the inspiration :) And best of luck to your music career! God bless you and your family more!



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The Girl with the Muji Hat: DAMI IM Obsession!
DAMI IM Obsession!
Zalora, Dami Im, Who is Dami Im, X FACTOR 2013, Dami Im of X Factor 2013 Australia, River by Emelie Sande Cover by Dami Im, Live Shows 2013, The X Factor Australia Live Shows, Dami Im Takes On Katy Perry's Roar!, Dami's original composition Little John, Brisbane Full Gospel Church, Dami Im Week 5, Dami Im - Week 5 - Live Show 5 - The X Factor Australia 2013 Top 8, Dami Im Noah,Dami Im Week 6, Dami Im - Week 7 - Live Show 7 - The X Factor Australia 2013 , Dami Im Hat, Dami Im Clrity, Dami Im - Week 9 - Live Show 9 - The X Factor Australia 2013, Dami Im: Wrecking Ball - Live Show 9 - The X Factor Australia 2013, Dami Im: Alive - Grand Final - The X Factor Australia 2013, WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT - The X Factor Australia 2013 Grandwinner, Dami Im 2014, Dami Im Superlove, Dami Im Gladiator
The Girl with the Muji Hat
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