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Monday, 23 June 2014

Villa Jhoana Resort, Angono

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Most of my Japanese friends like to stay in Angono [for some reason] for a few days. So, in the middle of April this year, they, again, paid a visit. That time I and my other Filipino friends were able to take them to a fine town hotel—at Villa Jhoana Resort. [See more about the hotel rates and packages HERE]

To appreciate this resort, you have to actually stay in the Villa—preferably with friends or loved ones—and try as many facilities as you can. In addition, keep a good relationship with the hotel staff, particularly with the front office. Politely talking with the staff when making requests or discussing concerns can encourage them to provide excellent service. It can also prompt them to attend to your needs at once.

Whether you need a can opener, a cable channel fix or a coffee refill, just dial the FO number in your room telephone and they’ll gladly accommodate. When I was there, I needed to receive money from a friend. I phoned the front desk officer and asked if they could receive the money instead for I’d be out that time. They agreed. I left details about the person to drop in, and when I came back, I got the money. 

Customer service in the resort is good, the food and drinks are even better! You can order a meal for as low as 90 pesos. Drinks in buckets are only for 230 pesos. You can see their full menu HERE. 

Honestly I enjoyed my stay in Villa Jhoana especially the afternoons I could freely pamper myself in the hot tub. In the mornings I get invigorated by the cold water in the swimming pool. The slides are high enough to make me and my friends go for more. In the evening, the Aqua Bar provided us THE KARAOKE, and, well, I need not say how fun that was! 

early morning selfie hehehe
our humble room... 

Enjoy the rest of the photos!

door to our room 
some lovely decors
cute lamp!
LG flat screen LCD TV
my bed!
view from the balcony...
small fridge! not bad!
There's a big tub over there!!!
for Ethan hehe
at 2nd floor living room 
at the 2nd floor living room
Like our own mansion for 3 days!
I just like these slides... can do invert sliding here! so fun!

feeling cosy!
Click on the photo and be redirected to the resort's website :)


  1. driving30_with_2gether23 June 2014 at 12:02

    What a gorgeous place!

  2. great place!!! :)

  3. When you checked in here, is the entrance for the swimming pool already covered? And how many pools are there? Thanks!

  4. hello bryan sorry for the late reply and thanks for visiting my blog. To answer ur questions:

    Yes, the pool fee is covered and u can swim anytime u want. I did it 6am -8am then went out with my friends, then after getting back we swam again 8-midnight .. U can swim overnight ;) there are 3 pool areas. one is kind of like a mini pool for kids, another pool is a little larger but seems made for kids as well.. The biggest one has the long fun slide. It's leveled to 6feet.

  5. You're welcome ;) happy to help! Hope you can enjoy ur stay at villa jhoana in angono rizal :)


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