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Friday, 16 December 2016

Vietnam-visa.com Grants US Passport Holders Free Short-term Visa and Lower Stamping Fee

The September 1, 2016 Vietnam visa policy requiring all US Passport holders to obtain a 1-year multiple entry visa for their trip to Vietnam, regardless of their length of stay in the country encountered a lot of complaints from US travelers. US Passport holders who wished to stay in Vietnam even for a few days must pay a large amount of money for their visa.

Free Short-term Visa and Lower Stamping Fee

With this, Vietnam-visa.com is happy to announce that US passport holders who have obtained the visa approval letter for 1-year multiple entry visa with Vietnam-visa.com but wish to stay in Vietnam for a shorter term can get a short-term visa approval letter processed by the Vietnam Immigration Department for FREE and then get visa stamp at Vietnam airport at a lower stamping fee.

For details, please check out this link.

Online Application for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

If you are a US Passport holder and you wish to visit Vietnam soon get your visa processed by Vietnam-visa.com.

With over 10 years experience, Vietnam-visa.com is the 1st and premier commercial website providing online application for Vietnam Visa on Arrival. The cost of applying visa on arrival with Vietnam-visa.com might be higher or lower than applying at Vietnam Embassies as the prices at the embassies vary from one to another. In case you wish to obtain a full-stamped visa before travelling, you are advised to contact the nearest Vietnamese Embassy in your country. In Vietnam-visa.com website, they provide full information regarding your needs to obtain a Vietnam Visa.

You can contact Vietnam-visa.com at +84.946.583.583 or +1 (559) 922-2468 (Ext. 1) | Office +84.473.005.333 (ext. 221) or Email them at sales@vietnam-visa.com | support@vietnam-visa.com | 

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