Winter 2014-2015 Trends in women’s Leather Jackets

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Leather jackets – the fashion that never gets old
Leather jackets are a trend that just never gets old! The leather jacket has been around for years, and the rugged and tough look it has is not only admired by men, but also by women. And since women have been donning leather jackets, they have developed chic trends with a hint of femininity to make the leather jacket look good on them. The ruggedness, protectiveness, and durability of the leather jacket never lets it get old, and the longer it stays in fashion, the more trends seem to sprout up. Here, we are going to look at some trends for women’s leather jackets that are in vogue this season.

What do they say to look out for?
What do they say to look out for? There are quite a few things we are told to keep our eyes peeled out for as new styles come in for the season. Firstly, there is the fit. While leather jackets are usually worn in snug fitting, we see updates from various brands which are quite a loose fit. We also have the snug fitting style, so you can go either way and still keep in vogue! Secondly, there is the length. While leather jackets are essentially short, we have a variety of lengths this season. Then we come to the colors for the season. What are the shades that are in fashion?

Colors to go for this season
The colors to look out for this season are as follows. Firstly, there is the inevitable classic black. It never grows old and looks good in every season. Secondly, we have monochrome b&w. Thirdly, you can go for out of the line colors like burgundy, camel and sand. Another thing we are seeing now in the market is prints like leopard print.

Mix and match!
Leather jackets go along well with most fabrics, and it is a great idea to mix and match them with different fabrics and even fur. It is becoming quite the trend. Here are a few ways in which you can mix and match your leather jacket with other items of clothing and accessories you have. Another thing which is being done these days is experimenting with proportions. Like matching something long and flowing with something short and cropped.

Let us give some examples of mixing and matching here. How about quilted black and white slim fit jacket over a loose white t shirt, with a black cowboy hat?

Another good example is that of playing or experimenting with proportions, like wearing an oversized sweater underneath or how about a Moto jacket over a simple semiformal top.

The details on the jackets matter too, for example a buttoned jacket looks less sleek and less rugged than a jacket with zipper detailing. A quilted jacket has quite another type of look.

Another thing that makes an outfit interesting is mixing and matching different layers of the same color in different shades. Try that with creative colors like burgundy!

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