Instagrammed: Baguio in July

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Just a photo update... :)

One rainy day we decided to go north~
summoning some sunshine?
see the breathtaking view? :)
maybe i should have listened to my uncle...
yeah! it's 22 degrees at noontime!
joren is so hyperactive.. but I'm even worse!
Catholic Cathedral!
The Mansion gate
Sayote picking
Strawberry Farm

7 Days and 7 Best Things in Best Western Plus Antel Hotel

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Day 1: Suede Couch

Day 2: Queen Bed

Day 3: Magic Carpet

Day 4: Fruit Platter

Day 5: Coca-Cola in Can

Day 6: Granvia Cafe

Day 7: Pool Side

DIY Hair Rebonding at Home (Update)

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So I promised to update you guys about my rebonded hair-- [READ ABOUT HOW I REBONDED MY HAIR AT HOME LAST THURSDAY HERE]

Finally after 3 days of no hair-washing, I decided to rinse it off with JUST water then I applied Creamsilk conditioner (pink color)...

I'm still here in Makati Medical Center and I don't have access to hair dryer or electric fan. So I just let my hair dry naturally by air and you see, it's still straighter and shinier than before the rebond YAY!!!!!!!

I'd say MONEA Hair Rebond Sytem Kit exceeded my expectations! I'm so happy!!!! ^^

add me up on Instagram @thegirlwiththemujihat :)

A Week at Azumi Boutique Hotel

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our humble room for the week...
son goku and king kang''s seats ehehehhehe
not real grasses...
view from the balcony...
the infinity pool at the penthouse...
hmmmm ^^
my work station...
the bed :)
the couch!!!
son goku and king kang ^_^

DIY Hair Rebonding at home

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My newly grown hair began to give the least appealing waves on the crown [and perhaps me worrying about it too much had spawned 3 huge pimples on my face] so I decided to rebond my hair last night, ALONE, inside my room... I worked on my magic from 8 PM and finished 3 AM today.... Whew! The long hours of rebonding was tedious but I'd say it's worth it!

Here are the products I used (bought them all from WATSONS in SM CITY TAYTAY):
I also used:
  • Ceramic Hair Iron with up to 220 degrees C adjustable heat
  • 4 Hair Clip Grip
  • 1 Tint brush 
  • 1 Plastic comb 
  • Pair of gloves
  • 3 shower caps
Yeah baby!
The rebonding process is easy. The products to use come with easy-to-follow instructions. Anyhow I'll break them down for you:

Ah! Before that here’s my hair condition prior to the rebonding:
  • Rebonded 6 months ago  
  • Dyed a month ago
  • Trimmed to layers a week ago
  • Wavy on the crown
  • Unmanageable and super dry (due to frequent hair ironing) 

  1. Rinse hair to remove dirt and excess oil, dry it off completely
  2. Divide hair into 4 sections using hair clip grip (or anything you can use)
  3. Apply Monea Hair Rebond Cream #1 on paper thin strands starting from the nape to the crown (just like when you are dyeing your hair) ***Avoid applying the cream to the eyes or the scalp***
  4. Clamp the hair and cover with shower cap (or any plastic)
  5. Leave for 20 minutes
  1. Rinse off Monea Hair Rebond Cream # 1 ***DO NOT SHAMPOO, JUST USE WATER***
  2. Dry hair COMPLETELY
  3. Divide into 4 sections
  4. Now this is the tedious part—IRON HAIR meticulously: Take paper thin strands and iron until straight, lustrous and bouncy (this would take hours I know) ***try to avoid sweating***
  5. After ironing up to the crown, let your hair cool for 5 minutes
  6. After that apply Monea Hair Rebond Cream #2 from crown to nape covering all the hair strands (again, do it like you’re colouring your hair)
  7. Then, cover hair with plastic, use heating cap for 20 minutes if you have it at home or just cover with hot towel.
  8. Rinse off ***DO NOT SHAMPOO, JUST USE WATER***
My pimples are sometimes hostile... the most hostile of them is the one I am covering... LOL
(actually the hair strands to be ironed should be paper thin)

  1. Dry off excess water
  2. Apply CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane cream from crown to nape ***Make sure to even out the color application***
  3. Leave for 45 minutes
  4. Rinse off with water ***DO NOT SHAMPOO***
  5. Use hair conditioner: leave for 5 minutes
  6. Rinse off ***do not shampoo***
  7. Dry hair
  8. Iron again and let set for 3 days ***DO NOT WASH HAIR  FOR AT LEAST 3 DAYS***
From the left-right: (1) Hair before Rebond (2) Towel dried hair after applying Monea Hair Rebonding Cream 1
(3) Damp hair after applying neutralizer and CASA hair cellophane (4) Ironed hair the morning after rebonding process     
...waiting for breakfast.. I must say I love my new hair color :)
My hair looks really soft and straight and shiny because the chemicals were newly applied. I expect a little change however after I wash this on Tuesday... Nevertheless, I know that my hair will be more manageable, softer, shinier, and straighter THAN before the rebond

For those who want to try, I'm leaving you guys with some pointers:

I don't recommend rebonding your own hair at home if: 

- you don't have hair dyeing experience
- you don't know your hair strands that well
- you have sensitive skin
- you have chemical allergies
- you are pregnant!!!!
- you don't have a good ceramic hair iron
- you expect your hair to be like that of Sarah G in the commercials 


So that's it! Thanks for reading! I'll update you guys on TUESDAY! :)


5 Best Things We Ate in Romulo Café

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I accustomed myself to eating just vegetables at night ever since I saw Son Goku’s six-pack. It’s a little little intimidating you know, to have a boyfriend with a seemingly perfect set of abdominal muscles. So yeah it’s been 5 months of no rice now. Yay! There were cheat days of course—those nights I ate Pasta at Caruso Ristorante and Granvia Café in Makati, champed on small portions of Cajun at Pepper Steak in Baguio City—but I’ve been working out so I must have burned all them carb--- 

Anyways, I’m glad I could continue my no-rice-dinner-diet with Son Goku in his recent visit. We stayed at Azumi Boutique Hotel and Romulo Café happens to be their exclusive caterer.

I’d say Romulo Café is the perfect place to make vegetable non-eaters eaters. We dined there 4 times since in most days it rained, it’s the most convenient place to eat…  Also I think it’s perfect for everyone -- all ages, even to non-hotel guests. Actually, a lot of non-hotel guests have dined there in big groups. I’m not exaggerating. I remember every time we walked by the café or the times we dined in there we saw big groups of people. The most notable were—a group of old, gorgeous women [I think there were at least 12 of them]; a group of 25 people celebrating a birthday; group of 8 elderly… Romulo Café is indeed sought-after!

And of course I know why! They serve, by far, the tastiest Filipino dishes in Alabang. And here are the 5 best foods we ate in there:

1. Lumpia Hubad (Php 140)

I don't usually eat fresh lumpia but this stuff is just so tasty! The peanut sauce with garlic overload is such a hit!

2. Ginataang Kalabasa at Sitaw with Crablets (Php 205)

This made me cry invisible happy tears... I'm so thankful Son Goku picked this over an Ampalaya dish (but I will try that next time)...

3. Baked Lemongrass Chicken (Php 260)

Chicken's never been this good! Perhaps I should start marinating chicken in lemongrass extract???

4. Lechon Kangkong (Php 140)

This is Son Goku's most favorite! LOL And I definitely understand why... Lechon just married the kangkong and it's like they're celebrating inside my mouth hehe

5. Molo Soup (Php60)

Awww! This is the soup that we devoured more than 4 times... we ordered this every time and we actually planned [initially] to just eat this every night... It's so good especially on rainy days!!!

We also ate the dishes below, and I think they’re delectable too (and cheap!):

Honey-garlic Spareribs (Php 270)
Fried Lumpia Ubod (Php 100)
Chicken with Tamarind Sauce (Php 265)
Pancit Puti (Php 180)

Anyway, there are still a lot to try! I’ll definitely go back there next time! And by then I’d see to it I’d devour their Sansrival or the Dome Cake

Do you like sweets? Maybe you should try it too!

This Cafe is sophisticated and cozy...
Visit Romulo Café in Azumi Boutique Hotel at 2205 Market Street, Madrigal Business Park Phase III Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1780 Philippines.

Landline: +63 869 9888 / +63 2 382 98 64 

Glenda took my favorite tree

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I came back yesterday from Las Piñas City after hanging out with my favourite gang. It took me about 3 hours to get home because I was too lazy to take the train. Anyway, it was still the prelude to GLENDAmage when I arrived and everything—electricity, internet, rain and windseemed normal.

In the late evening, the wind began to howl but was not alarming yet. Actually, I found the weather really comfortable that it put me to sleep early on...     

Fast forward to now, the rain has stopped. And until 5 hours ago, we had lost the electricity [and internet]. WAAAAH! You kidding me MERALCO???????????? IT’S BLACK OUT AGAIN! JUST AFTER I TYPED THE WORD “INTERNET”???! Good thing I can use my mobile data! BUT Arggggggg! I’m in the middle of updating my blog [and doing extremely important tasks as an AVA applicant!]

Anyway, I'll make this quick then... here is the tree I'm talking about-- the Mango tree my granpa planted, the same tree that gave us delectable green mangoes and great shade for quite a while now... It got uprooted...

Alas farewell fresh mango picks! :(
This camachile tree across the road seemed axed. What a distressing shape! Glenda must have been really "mad as hell"...

Ahhh...! That cut!
Poor plant fell off...
Oh, here's how mad she is:

Typhoon #GlendaPH  in Angono at 8:30 AM
Oh this boy swept off some debris!
So how have you been? I hope you're safe... Sorry I can't think properly. NO POWER AGAIN! Must go to bed ASAP! Gomene will update this post tomorrow! Oyasumi!

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