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*This post is loaded with lots of images*

On my third week in Japan, I moved to Kanto region to visit Chiba and Tokyo, wander around and hang out with my Japanese friends.

I initially planned to go to Tokyo Disneyland on a weekday but ended up at DisneySea partly due to an unbelievable number of crowd queuing in front of Disneyland gates. Also, I’ve been to HK Disneyland before so I thought TDS must offer me a whole new experience. Good thing my advance ticket is open any day at either parks (DisneySea or DisneyLand). Here’s how to purchase Disney Park tickets.

Fountain Globe at DisneySea entrance
One of the impressive things about Disney Theme Parks is accessibility. Perhaps this is a norm for people from countries with Disney Resorts but not for me (or anyone coming from a country with a transportation system yet to fully develop). When I was in Osaka I planned to go to Disneyland by bus. There were buses that go straight to Disneyland. I thought the accessibility’s because of the fact it’s a tourist spot but then some sightseeing places aren’t THAT accessible. Guess they took into consideration the guests coming to Disneyland with children. How kind!

Inside Disney Resort train station
If you come from Osaka and wish to save up on the fare (and hotel fee), you can take the night bus from Osaka station directly to TDL. The ideal time for you to leave is at 9pm to arrive 7:10 am the following day. It is around 5,000 yen for a six hour trip inside a double-decker bus that come with a toilet, foot rest, coat hanger, LED route display in Japanese, Chinese and English, comfortable seats, interesting stop overs and a good night view.

Here is a useful website to purchase bus tickets: KOSOKU BUS

If you arrive in Tokyo earlier than your Disneyland pass, you can take the train from any point to Maihama station. I came from Kamata station, the fare was about 950 yen. You can also use the bus or bus and train, whatever is convenient for you. In my case, I took train and bus because I was carrying my suitcase with me. It's a little difficult to take lifts and walk far with my 40 kg stuff...

Here is a website for optimal route, timetable, and fare of railway and aviation system of Japan: HYPERDIA

HYPERDIA and KOSOKU BUS can be your best friends while in Japan. 

Here are the loads of photos I took at Tokyo DisneySea. Hope you enjoy. Also, you can browse towards the end of this post to read some tips worth remembering in case you plan to visit Tokyo Disneyland.  

Sea of crowd LOL crowded even on a weekday
Inside Indiana Jones waiting area... we waited for 160 minutes to get our ride, but it's worth it... I think our favorite ride is Indian Jones Adventure.

After Indiana Jones adventure, you can check the monitor for photos that you can print out as souvenir
Take pictures anywhere

Lunch at Horizon Bay...
Ideal lunch inside TDS is around 500 yen for soup or salad... 1000 yen for a main course... around 350 yen for pop corn (okay this ain't a good lunch)... In our case we ordered a 2, 080 yen lunch set of 5 dishes: (1) Salad, (2) Dessert or Soup (3) Main course (4) Rice or Bread (5) Drink. For a light eater  like me, this set is more than enough. I actually asked my friend to help me finish my lunch.

This is a grilled steak with mashed potatoes and stir fried vegies on the side - the main course I chose. It's the chef's specialty that time. So yummy! BUT the serving is too big for me.
People in line for STORM RIDER experience. By this time, we learned about the fast pass so we didn't need to queue. 
Love this lighthouse at American Waterfront 
Mediterranean feels around this area... love the night lights and the smell of curry!!!
Waiting for Jasmine or Aladdin to appear...
I just love the illumination!!!!
I think DisneySea is romantic and it is really a good place to go on a date.. but I wish it would have extreme rides...

I wanted to buy this stuffed toy... OLAF for 3,500 yen... But then it is expensive.
For avid Disney collectors this may be a hit
Watch the night event featuring musical, dance performances of Disney characters and illumination :) I found that it's interesting because Mickey Mouse talked in Japanese
Wait for the fireworks display after the night event... It is so romantic...

watching the fireworks display from afar is one of my favorite memories... IDK but fireworks have this way of getting into my emotions... I thought it's magical... with the illumination around me and the heat of the Kairo on my tummy... 
Took a photo in front of the fountain globe near the entrance...
I find Tokyo DisneySea a good place for adults, especially for dating couples. The ambiance is utter romantic and good for taking memorable pictures. You can do many fun things - enjoy rides and watch spectacular shows especially the fireworks, eat flavored pop corns, hot dogs, shop Kawaii Disney souvenirs... You can just walk around, feel the sea breeze and savor the extraordinary day while holding hands with your partner or laughing out loud with your friends or family members.

Tokyo DisneySea is no doubt a dream-filled, wonderful, magical place and I am overgrateful I was able to go there... but I'd say, for my visit, once is enough. I really like extreme rides and TDS doesn't have any. Some are interesting but not scary at all. I'd go for Enchanted Kingdom's Space Shuttle instead or when in Japan, FujiQ Highlands or Nagashima Spaland.

If you visit TDS or TDL in the future, make sure you bring snacks and water enough to fill your tummy after long walks or queues. If pop corns and cold sodas aren't your thing, bring your preferred food, especially when buying snacks/ drinks inside the park can be tedious and expensive. Waiting time for a ride would range from 40 minutes to 160 minutes. Make sure you have someone with you to kill time... It is also wisest to take FAST PASS for each rides. Learn how to get fast pass tickets here.

If you visit Disney Park in Winter, wear KAIRO! Wear comfortable clothes. Wear sneakers. Use a backpack. Bring your Starbucks tumbler fill it with hot coffee... LOL ...Or not. You can do anything you want especially considering the amount of money Disney Park tickets cost... 
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Earlier today I went to the park and snapped some shots... I saw a lot of things that I found really interesting especially the flowers called "Erika" and a very tall dog.

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Hello everyone! I'm here in Osaka now. I still can't believe I'm actually writing this on a couch, in Starbucks next to Umeda Arts Theater while staring at the most fashionable Jap winter OOTDs  I've seen so far...


It's my (official) first day here. It's really cold -7 degrees at noon time. I guess the clothes I planned to  wear won't work, need to wear them at least in 2 sets...
In front of Starbucks near Umeda Arts Theater
Click here to read about what to prepare for your Japan Trip
Anyway, I will blog about everything I will do here to help you plan your own travel to Japan. But first, let me post about where to buy Japanese Yen in Manila as a lot of people have been asking where's the best place. I bought JPY from Sanry's Money Changer at Robinson's Galleria. You can also buy Yen from BPI but you have to make a reservation at least 10 days ahead...

I asked how much I could get if I exchange PHP 20,000.00 to JPY. Here is the comparison:

Sanry's  Money Changer: 50,000.00 JPY for PHP 19, 300.00 - EXCHANGE RATE: 0.3860
NAIA Terminal 3 (PNB): 51,000.00 JPY for PHP 20,100.00 (There is a service Charge of 100 pesos if you exchange there) - EXCHANGE RATE: 0.3832
NAIA Terminal 3 (Money Changer next to PNB): JPY 50, 000.00 for PHP 20, 000.00 - EXCHANGE RATE: 0.3624

I think it's better to buy Japanese Yen at Sanry's. You can also visit their other branches:


Head Office 
S-2004 La Perla Mansion, Carlos PalancaSan Lorenzo Village, Makati City 

Glorietta 1 
Ground Level, Glorietta 1Ayala CenterMakati City

Park Square 1 
Ground Floor, Park Square 1, Ayala CenterMakati City Across Dusit Hotel

Greenbelt 1
Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center Makati City 

The Link Ayala
2ND Floor, The Link Bldg. Ayala AvenueMakati City

A. Venue Mall Makati Avenue 
Ground Floor, The A.Venue MallMakati Avenue corner Valdez, Makati City 

Anza St. corner Makati AvenuePoblacion, Makati City 

ABC Mall
Guadalupe Commercial Complex, EDSAGuadalupe Nuevo, Makati City 

SMO Bldg. 
SMO Bldg., Sgt. F. Yabut ST., Guadalupe Nuevo Makati City

Comembo Branch 
25 J.P. Rizal Extension, Comembo, Makati City MARKET MARKET, FORT BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY 


Market! Market
Ground Floor, Market! Market!, Global CityTaguig City(Has another branch on Level 2)


G-010 Trinoma Mall, North Ave., Bagong Pagasa, QC

Robinson's Galleria 
Level 2, Galleria Corporate CenterOrtigas Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City 


V-Mall Greenhills Branch 
(formerly Virra Mall)Unit 7 V-Mall Bridgeway, Greenhills Shopping Center San Juan City 

Greenbelt Unimart Shopping CenterBgy. Greenhills, San Juan City 


Metro Point
Unit 168, 1st Floor, Metropoint MallEDSA corner Taft AvenuePasay City 


Alabang Town Center
VIPinoy LoungeAlabang Town CenterAlabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City

Read more about Sanry's Money Changer here

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I wouldn't say I'm a make up expert, in fact I often seek advice from my sissy Charm Suerte (she's an awesome make up artist by the way) regarding beauty and cosmetics but I do love to put make up on whenever I attend events (or whenever I feel like doing it).

So today I went out to run some errands then came across this lip stick. Actually, I went to the department store to buy Argan oil for my hair but couldn't find one. Can you recommend a good product please? Anyway, back to the lippy talk. I thought Shawill in shade No. 002 - that is a deep flirty red - is lovely.
Shawill Gorgeous Lip Stick in Shade No. 002: PHP 188.00
I have used the red matte lip stick of etude house. I liked it but I had difficulty removing it after application. Shawill No. 002 is also a little difficult to remove but I like the semi-matte finish.
This lippy has a semi-matte finish :) 
My lips after eating heavy dinner and drowning in green tea
Shawill lip stick has natural carotene and is enriched with Vitamin E (according to their website) which provide lasting nourishment, natural shine and softness to the lips. Sounds pretty good. It's affordable at a price of PHP 188.00. 
I only have 7 lippies... here are my favorites respectively:
Mac Nude, Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Natural N9, Missha PK03, Shawill No. 002
Have you used any Shawill lippy product? How is it? What's your favorite lip stick?
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So I got this 80% off deal for Semi-permanent eyelash extensions at Asia’s Lashes in Ortigas. I was a bit hesitant to redeem the voucher because it's so cheap - PHP 199 - but then it's endorsed by Ms. Dimples Romana (yeah she's bought me) and I was around the area so I thought okay, why not... 

BTW, I want to mention that the prompt response of the salon manager to my reservation inquiry kind of helped me decide... Uhm, also, I got the deal 2 days ago, that means I was able to use the voucher a day after my purchase, fast indeed!

Before I talk about my experience at Asia's Lashes, I want to show my extensions:
Excuse me I just woke up *yawns*
7 AM: I washed my face... I tried not to run water directly down my lashes... it's quite weird actually especially when drying them... I was really careful pat drying them (with cotton buds?)... 

The clinic is across from the back entrance of Robinson's Galleria. It's located at the lower ground floor of City & Land MegaPlaza. The entrance is adjacent to Garnet road, just across from 7-Eleven. The security will have you log in the record book, ask for ID and give you a small piece of paper for your pass (if you lose it you'll pay PHP50).   

Asia's Lashes clinic is easy to locate just turn to your left after you get down the stairs, walk straight the alley and you'll recognize the "pink room" after passing through some units/shops. 

I was greeted warmly by the receptionist when I arrived. She was a little worried because I was panting - I walked from SM Megamall up to here, rushing so - she's kind enough to let me settle first and literally catch my breath...
Reception desk... I really regret not bringing my cam... 
I presented the voucher with my ID (so you need to bring at least 2 IDs, the other one's for the security at the building entrance), then I filled out agreement and consent forms stating terms of service, dos and don'ts before, during and after the procedure and also eyelash care. You can read more about it here.  
Hope you can see the price??? Anyway you can always check on their website...
I said the deal's priced at PHP 199 but this is only for 35 pieces of eyelashes per eye... if you are okay with it then no need for an upgrade. Normally it takes 70 pieces of eyelashes per eye to make a good extension but again it depends on your preference. Also you need to choose the length of the lash extensions you'd use - Short, Medium or Long length. In my case I used Medium.

It may sound like quite a decision but really the attendants can help you out. They know which is best for you...

About the upgrade, you have to pay additional PHP 299. It's inclusive of unlimited eyelash extensions, as many as your lashes can hold, and a free touch up within 7 days... The glamorous unlimited extensions upgrade is originally priced at PHP 1800. So PHP 500 is not bad.

It's so pink... I think staying there for  almost 2 hours turned me to a pink monster.. of course I'm kidding...
It's my first time to get an extension. I've never tried to put falsies on my own so I asked a lot of questions to Mitch, the attendant. Again, you may have the same questions as I had, so here's a helpful list of FAQs

During the application, I almost fell asleep but couldn't completely snooze because of the bond agent. It's a little biting like soap in my eyes BUT tolerable. Mitch said it's normal. I cried a little and she wiped my tears from time to time. I remained my eyes closed for about an hour. 

There were 3 other customers having their extensions that time, another 3 seated on the pink sofa waiting for their turn. We all had the same voucher from Metrodeal. So I guess the clinic's got a reputation?

Here's Mitch doing my lash extensions... she's delicate and friendly by the way (not to mention funny)... She has this thing for the word "very" haha
It's a little difficult to open my eyes after the application and drying time... I felt sore in my eyes but that's expected they said. My eyes were puffy when I went home because of tears. 

The feeling of having extensions on my lashes is weird. I need time to get used to it. But hopefully not a long time.

I woke up this morning with a bit of a red eye. I washed my face and I dropped Visine into my eyes... Now it's 10 AM and I feel my eyes are more normal... 
You can still see some residue in my lashes... I believe they are from the dried bond agent (and partly from my peeling skin)
Some reviews say that having eyelash extensions may destroy the real lashes, I'm hoping not. Please!

I love my lashes... but you see, having these extensions look even better on the eye frame...
The length of my eyelash extensions is Medium
It's my first day so IDK yet about the durability of these lash extensions... I'll update you within the next few days...
My eyes after 2 Visine drops... I woke up with a bit of a red eye... It's subsiding though...
So far, I'm loving my extensions... PHP 500 for these is not bad at all...

I'm thinking of following the dos and dont's when you have eyelash extensions.. Hopefully I'd be able to maintain them and care for my eyes...

If you want to get your own extensions, you can check Asia's Lashes website here. Like them on Facebook too so you'll get up to date promos.

Or if you know other good eyelash clinics, feel free to share on the comments section below. I'd love to hear from you! Thanks!
P.S. If you have a blog, let's follow each other to keep in touch :) Just let me know if you do on GFC/ Bloglovin'/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ :) I'll be happy to follow you back! XOXO
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